What’s better a Ported or Sealed Subwoofer Box

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Whats better, a ported or sealed subwoofer

What's better a Ported or Sealed Subwoofer Box
What’s better a Ported or Sealed Subwoofer Box

To begin with, in order for one to experience good bass from their car stereo, they ought to look for a nice subwoofer. The reason behind this is because addition of a sub to your audio system will surely have an impact while playing all genres of music that matches one’s taste. It is important to know that subwoofers come in different kinds and some of these include the sealed as well as the ported subwoofer.

Sealed boxes could be termed as airtight enclosures whose role is that of housing the subwoofers we commonly use. Ported boxes are those that utilize a vent; commonly referred to as a port; so as to reinforce low responses of bass.

Usually, there exist two bass camps. Some tend to like it tight whereby others prefer it being boomy. Obviously, the style of bass that one prefers over another is determined by taste and always vary with different music styles.

Tighter bass

In a case where one seeks to obtain bass that is not only focused but also tight, they ought to go for a sealed subwoofer.

Booming bass

For booming bass as well as high volume to be achieved while music plays, a ported bass is recommendable.

Impact of bass sound on ported as well as sealed subwoofers

A sealed subwoofer box will require more power so as to manage to play at higher volumes. This is because it uses an amplifier with ample wattage that helps it achieve optimum performance. Also, the sound comes out cleaner and it is usually quite precise or in other words will say that it has more accurate bass. Besides, a sealed subwoofer box tend to fit in most places as it is compact.

On the other hand, a ported subwoofer is a bit louder and therefore require less power to operate at high volumes. It has more boom and is just right for playing hip-hop, rap as well as R&B songs as it suits them perfectly. For the deeper bass to be delivered efficiently, they require to be of a much larger size than sealed enclosures.  However, it tends to be a bit difficult tuning and utilize subsonic filters on the amp for tones that are cleaner.

Do you ever wonder what the reason behind the awesome bass provision by sealed boxes could be?

Often, individual beats in tight bass set up plays with so much accuracy that it does not ring after it hits. Arguably, the simplest way on which one may achieve this is by acquiring a sealed sub box. Do you wonder why this happens? I will tell you why!

Usually, the sealed air in one of these enclosures rightfully acts as a shock absorber. It modulates the cone of the subwoofer back and forth so smoothly that each and note gets to be produced evenly. To add on that, the air pressure causes more power to be consumed for the subwoofer to produced similar volume as it would in comparable ported box. However, you will rarely get to hear a sealed sub box roaring or booming. The reason behind it is the fact that, sealed subs have a quite flat frequency response that tends to play tight and full bass ensuring the provision of low-level frequency foundation to your music. Sealed boxes are said to be more compact than ported sub and that makes them fit in more vehicles with ease.

Why there is loud bass in ported Sub boxes?

Whats better a Ported or Sealed Subwoofer Box

As a matter of fact, boomy bass tends to have more punch as well as reverberance in every individual beat. You could attain this without utility of equalizers and all sorts of processors but with a ported sub box whose cone is equipped with much freedom of motion. The port tends to redirects sound from the rear side of the cone adding it to the sound from the front side resulting in the achievement of a louder bass. With this increased efficiency, u manage to use a smaller amp than you would require in a comparable sealed box to play similar volume. Besides, a ported enclosure is more likely to last longer than in a sealed box as the air flow keeps the subwoofer cooler.

That constant flow of air, in and out of the port often creates an audio effect like that which is made from blowing across a bottle’s mouth and this makes the ported sub hit so deep as well as hard. Hence, the tone not only adds to but also strengthens the note played by the cone. However, ported enclosures have to be bigger compared to sealed enclosures meaning that you ought to consider the adequacy of space prior to settling for the former.

 Which sub enclosures are suitable for various music genres?

In the recent past, research was carried out by people that wanted to find out some of the music genres that are played well in various sub enclosures. Some of the people involved in the research claimed that the ported enclosures had more punch though it sounded muddy while the sealed enclosures sounded better while playing pop songs. Also, in response to rock songs, it was said that the ported enclosure was louder though it got away from the music while the sealed enclosure never disappointed as it delivered more bass.

In addition, classical music was said to appear playing similarly in both sealed as well as ported. For the R$B and rap, the bass sounded more natural in the sealed enclosure unlike in the ported sub. Electro and dance songs sounded better in ported subs as it accentuated the bass quality in the right manner.

Others indicated that if one happens to be a fan of classic as well as country music, they should go for a sealed sub as it guarantees much accuracy in delivering the hits just right. The ported enclosure, being known for the heavy bass, seemed to fill the sound of the music with something that was missing from the song itself. On the other hand, the sealed enclosure was clearly identified to have a high-quality bass and it would tend to hit on each individual note, maintain a perfect beat and also make the song flow more appropriately. However, there seemed to be no much support on whether a sealed enclosure is better than a ported.

The bottom line was that the choice of an enclosure would be purely driven by the taste of music that one prefers. The two sound qualities that really mattered were accuracy as well as the tone that fitted the music best when it came to those that loved the sound of classical music in sealed enclosures. However,  those same people thought that the sealed sub’s sound never fit with the rap as well as dance songs and it depended on the bass quality in the songs themselves. Ensure to consider the sound qualities you really like in the music of your taste before selection of a subwoofer as well as the enclosure.

Pros of sealed enclosures

The sealed enclosures; commonly referred to as a closed or acoustic suspension; have quite a number of benefits. Some of them include;

1. They are easy to design

2. They have an extended low-frequency response as well as a smooth roll off.

3. They have an awesome transient response.

4. Sealed enclosures are more compact

5. They are forgiving to faulty design errors.

For example, if your box happens to be an inch taller, you are less likely to affect the overall performance of the subwoofer.

Cons of sealed enclosures

1. Lack of efficiency.

Due to the fact that these subwoofers are sealed, waves of low frequency dissipates inside the enclosures and also offer no advantage to the overall output. To compensate for the loss in efficiency, it is essential to have an external amplifier.

Pros of ported enclosures

These sub boxes are also commonly referred to as bass reflex or vented. Some of the advantages that come along with the enclosures include;

1. Ported enclosures have vents allow for the sound bump which is preferred in certain types of music.

2. They have increased sound output around port tuning.

3. They have reduced cone excursions.

Cons of ported enclosures

 1Ported enclosures are much more complex to build.

2. Subwoofers that are mounted in vented enclosures are less responsive.

3. Usually, vented subwoofer boxes tend to be more sensitive to exterior changes such as temperatures as well as humidity.

4. Unlike sealed enclosures, ported enclosures don’t sound fast because of the resonant effects of the vent tuning which is often out of phase with the output of the driver.

Comparison of characteristics of sealed and ported enclosures

Sealed enclosures are excellent in sound clarity while ported enclosures are poor in this particular aspect. Besides, when it comes to sound volume, sealed enclosures are known to deliver lower volume while ported boxes are said to be much louder. Sealed enclosures tend to have a flat frequency response. Ported enclosures, however, do not have a flat frequency response. On the other hand, mounting space of sealed boxes appears to be smaller while in ported enclosures, it appears to be larger.

Specifications to consider before purchasing a subwoofer

While researching for a suitable enclosure, one light to pay attention to the certain specification


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