What size subwoofer do I need for my car ? – A Beginner’s Guide.

What size subwoofer do I need for my car

Do I need a subwoofer in my car ?

We are often asked, “What are subwoofers? Why do we need it? And which one is right for you, By reeding this article we will make sure that you will know all

the details you need to know about subwoofers.

What are Subwoofers

There are highs, mids, and lows in any musical surroundings. Highs are considered treble. Mids are vocals. And then there are lows where subwoofers come into place. The subwoofer is simply dedicated bass speakers that can be added to any system.

Why do we need Subwoofers

Subwoofers produce low frequencies, that of a bass. Doesn’t matter if you listen to your music light or load, subwoofers will make that experience way better. A car stereo is small and to get a great musical experience when you are traveling, you need to install subwoofers in your car. Due to their size, car speakers

have a problem producing low-frequency sounds. So you miss out on the reality and depth of a song or music. But that can all change by getting Subwoofers in

your car.

Which Subwoofer is the right choice for you?

Below I have listed the multiple factors that you need to consider while getting a Subwoofer for your car. By choosing these factors to your liking then you will

come out of “buying a subwoofer experience victorious and satisfied.

Subwoofers’ different sizes

They are available in different sizes smaller and bigger. The small subwoofers can be placed under a seat. The big subwoofers can take up the entire trunk. And

then there are subwoofers that are in between them. They also come in different shapes and colors as well and different design configurations.

The direction of the subwoofers

Bass isn’t directional, which means that anywhere that there is bass you can hear it from. So often times to add bass to a car stereo subwoofer is put into the

trunk of the car. When music is turned on we don’t have any clue about whereabouts of the bass. Unlike the little speakers that are up in your dash, tweeters, or the woofers that are in your door.

Subwoofers and your car stereo

Installing a subwoofer lightens the load on your car stereo speakers by allowing you to play them flat. For instance, Acoustic suspension woofer’s box is completely sealed which provides the least amount of bass distortion and takes the biggest box for a given amount of volume output. Ported woofer design allows us to get the same amount of woofer output in a little bit smaller enclosure as compared to Acoustic suspension woofer.

Passive radiator design has a sealed box with a woofer on the front and a radiator on either side of the box. At the back of acoustic suspension woofer, most

subwoofer manufacturers will give you controls to allow you to fine tune the woofer to your room and speakers.

If you want a little bit of bass in your car, you can add an eight-inch subwoofer or a ten-inch subwoofer. Obviously, the larger subwoofer will need more power Amplifiers are required if you want to add a subwoofer.

Subwoofers and amplifiers

When matching the subwoofers you want to buy and the amplifiers with them, there are four main points to consider These points are given below.

  • First, you need to check the rated RMS power input of the subwoofer or subwoofers.
  • Second, consider the final impedance resistance in ohms of a single or multiple subs wired together at the amplifier.
  • Third, you should decide the type of amplifier you are using monoblock to channel in
  • The fourth is the type of enclosure for your system.

Want to build your personalized system?

If you want to build your personalized system by choosing and selecting the components you want then here is the deal. Okay, so there are two ways to go

about it. First, if you already have some parts and want to make a system out of them then you should find other parts that match with your existing parts. Second, if you are starting from scratch then don’t you worry, this will give you more room to choose whichever system you want and how much you can spend on it

If you are building from the ground up then first select the subwoofer, so you would know what your custom system is supposed to look like in your mind. Then Components subs are where you start to look. A component sub is a speaker that you have to mount in the subwoofer box so it can work properly. An external amplifier is also going to be needed to power this sub with its size ranging from 8 inches to 15

inches. There are different models that can work on high or low power which are specifically designed. There are various types of boxes as well You can cherry pick the multiple voice coil and impedance setups to match your customized subwoofer design. I have also entailed some detail about these specs in the bottom of the article.

Want to buy a ready-made sub/enclosure combination?

When buying a pre-ordered or off the shelf system then you should examine the enclosed subs. These subs are already mounted on the subwoofer box which has been previously designed to lodge the subs. This will remove the hassle of picking an enclosure for your subs. So you won’t have to worry about your

design for the sub or building your whole system from scratch. You will still have to get an external amp for powering your sub. Doing so you will have

restrictions in choosing the box type or your speaker as only a limited few will match your existing system.

Want a compact system that saves space in the car?

Although a big bass system is really the way to go, to embark on your musical journey as you embark on a real physical journey in your car. But you don’t have enough space in your car and don’t want to skip out on the great music experience then the powered sub is your next best choice. A powered submerges the subwoofer and an amplifier together in a box or an enclosure. There is only one equipment to fit in your car and install because the amplifier is built into this

contraption. These compact devices are really easy to find a place for and don’t take a lot of space in your vehicle.

There are positive and negative aspects to the powered sub as it is to many or all things in life. The powered sub are amazing bass systems but their small

amplifiers and drivers might not produce the same musical experience as a big bass might produce. But on the other hand, their compact size makes it easy to

work with your already installed car stereo and makes installation very easy.

Don’t want your Subwoofer to stand out from the interior of your car?

You want a sub that can be hidden away in any vehicle. Or they should match the color of your car interior so they will just blend in. A vehicle specific sub is a way to go for you. It can be either unpowered or powered, that really is

up to you

I will suggest a powered sub because it will not take much of the space in your car which really doesn’t seem very noticeable. Butthe fact remains that the

sub might not work as much in producing more bass effect than a bigger bass. It will probably be enough of a bass experience.

Another thought process can be that if you are going to spend so much money on a device, so why not show off your hardware. You can leave people in awe of its sound experience and as well as its sight. It’s just something you should think about.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty?

It is completely understandable that you just want a great bass system without getting into the technical confusing details. You can either read this article

in where everything you need to know about subwoofers and bass systems is already defined to a T or you can just go to a well know respected shop and ask

for a bass system for your car. Just tell them your requirements and I am sure they will point you to the right system.

Be sure to ask them to help you install the system in your car and check the system, before paying, on various types of music. Drive away with your great musical experience installed.

What are the specifications you need to consider?

While buying the subwoofer system or bass system you need to consider some of the following specs. The above description might have helped you in choosing what kind of the system is the right fit for you But the following will help you compare the features of the said system and you can make a well-informed

decision and be sure you are getting your money’s worth.


The power is the key thing for your system. If you want a rumbling or blasting sound system then power is the thing you cannot compromise on For this, you

have to check the RMS power ratings of your system, or the system you want to buy to be exact. They are different from your peak power ratings. The RMS power ratings continuously note the output with the power handling. You need to match your amplifier’s power output to your subwoofer’s power handling.

Frequency Range

Even though a subwoofer’s performance rests on a lot of things like the box it is mounted on but you need to check its frequency range because the main

performance element of a sub is how low it can play.


Power and sensitivity go together to get the best output. With less power but high sensitivity rating, a subwoofer system can produce the same kind of sound with more power but low sensitivity rating. They are inverse to each other.

Number of voice coils

Popularly subwoofers have single voice coil. When people who want a great car musical experience want flexibility in wiring their systems, they choose dual voice coil subwoofers. These are two separate coils, wrapped on a single cylinder with their own connections which are connected to the same cone.

Enclosure type

Most of the time sealed enclosures have a great result in the type of sound they produce but bandpass or ported enclosures give more boom, more volume. Hence, enclosure type has a lot of effect on the type of sound the bass system produces.


Impedance is the effective ohmic resistance of an electronic circuit. 4-ohm impedance is the rating of most subs. Dual voice coils and also 2 ohm and 8-ohm impedance are pretty common nowadays as well After choosing the sub you want, you need to choose the amp that goes with your sub in accordance of the impedance, power rating and a number of coils you have chosen for your subwoofer along with the enclosure. Multiple amplifiers are out there that will match to your specific needs of the above. Choose wisely that your amp and your sub will produce the best result possible.

Size of the Subwoofers

What you want from your subwoofer is how low frequency they play and what the loudest peak of their speakers is. For this, you need to enlist all the above

factors mentioned in your brain while making the decision. If you want your sound system to be inconspicuous then go for the powered subwoofer because when they are rightly placed they can get you amazing results. But if you have no space issues and your only concern about your sound system is that it should play loud and low then go for the big subwoofers.

A quick read below for you to get the best experience and to get you started with ease.


component subwoofer needs a good enclosure and you need an amplifier to drive this A dynamic kit will remove most of the surrounding noises giving you a

great experience. If you want the sub to be more efficient then stuff polyester fiber to slow sound in the enclosure. If you built the enclosure then use box building hardware.

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