Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular Subwoofer: BASS or SPACE!!

Whilst looking for a new subwoofer setup for my latest car. I started to wonder if it was possible to appreciate large amounts of bass without using up too much of the precious space in the back of my car. Traveling with 4 children requires a lot of space especially when they bring so much luggage.  Why should I sacrifice an awesome sounding car sound system when taxiing my kids around? So I started researching what kind of solutions might be available to satisfy my need for bass whilst trying to use up as little space ass possible. Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular Subwoofer?

No Space for Bass!!!

Big Bass that takes up No Space.

Traditionally creating any awesome bass in your car meant a buying or building a subwoofer enclosure that would always take up a considerable amount of space in the back of your car!!. Sometimes preventing shopping and luggage or even extra passengers from being able to travel in your car.

So what are the options available?

Well… as it turns out the options are quite limited, bass requires a speaker with a relatively large area to move the volume of air required to create low frequency sounds at a loud enough volume. So any speaker with a diameter of fewer than 8 inches or so won’t produce very much bass. So the only dimension of the speaker that could be reduced any more might be the depth. So if the subwoofer enclosure was a lot flatter or shallower this could save a lot of space. Regular subwoofers tend to be quite chunky and quite deep, so need a relatively deep enclosure which can take up valuable room in your car.

After a quick browse on the internet, there seems to already be a solution that might suit my needs. ‘Shallow mount’ Subwoofers are already a thing and seem to have the characteristics of just what I am looking for.

Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular

Looks like just what I am looking for!! 10 inches of diameter but only 3 inches of depth. Even the 12-inch shallow mount subs are only 3 inches deep too. This means the enclosure only needs to be 4 inches deep at the most. Only using 4 inches of the width of the trunk of my car means maximizing storage space whilst still having the awesome bass that I require.

So far it looks like a shallow mount subwoofer is the best idea when presented with limit space in your car. Whether its because you only have a very small car or have a large vehicle but don’t want to encroach into any of its storage space, just maybe a shallow mount subwoofer will give the best of both worlds. 

Let have a look at the different pre-design enclosures are available for a 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer.

Pioneer UD-SW250T

Single Sub sealed enclosure for a10 inch shallow mount subwoofer.

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular
  • sealed low profile enclosure for 1 10 inch shallow mount subwoofer.
  • made from 5/8inch MDF finished in black acoustic carpet.
  • the internal volume is 0.35 cubic feet
  • the exterior dimensions are 24 inches wide x 12 inches high x 4 3/4 inches in dimension 1 x 3-3/8 inches in dimension 2
  • it has a 1-year warranty included

Check it out on Amazon.

RetroSound R-TWENCL

Sealed enclosure for an 8 inch shallow-mount subwoofer

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular
  • sealed low profile enclosure
  • designed for shallow-mount 8-inch subwoofers
  • made with 1/2 inch MDF
  • Gray acoustic carpet
  • 8-inch protective grille included in the price
  • the exterior dimensions are 15 7/8 inches Wide x 12 3/4 inches deep x 4 inches high.
  • the internal air volume is  .312 cubic feet
  • includes one-year warranty

Check it out on Amazon.

Atrend 12SME

12-Inch Single Sealed Shallow Mount Enclosure

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular Subwoofer
  • MDF Construction with a .75 inch  Speaker Face
  • Miter & Dado Construction with a Gray Carpeted Finish
  • Black & Red Spring Loaded Terminals
  • Gross Cu. Ft. .62 Speaker hole cutout 11.12 Inches
  • Width 24.00 inches x Height 5.00 inches x Depth 15.00
  • Mounting Depth 4.25 inches0 days of receipt.

Check out on Amazon.

Hear are some of the best shallow mount componant subwoofers that can be used with these enclosures:

Rockford Fosgate Power T1S2

These Rockford Fosgate shallow mount subs are definitely not cheap, but they are engineered to the highest quality. If you require awesome bass from a shallow enclosure you’ll be pushed to find any better low profile subs than these. The 10 inch version requires a mounting depth of only 3 inches but will easily handle 500 watts RMS.

Excess heat can sometimes be an issue with high power subs, especially when they are mounted within a sealed enclosure. Rockford has addressed this issue by constructing the speakder for an aluminum diecast frame with built in heat sink fins. This sub uses 1 single 2-ohm voice coil and two Nomex progressive spiders. It is optimized for sealed subwoofer enclosures and comes supplied with a removable die cast aluminum trim ring.


  • The most amazing build quality for excellent durability
  • Optimum sound delivery
  • High power sound output
  • Attractice design


  • Price is rather high

Check out on Amazon.

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular Subwoofer Video

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