Best Car Speakers for Bass without Subwoofer (February 2019 Update)

Best Car Speakers for Bass without Subwoofer
Best car speakers for bass without subwoofer

Not everyone has $2000 or more to drop on a high-end speaker system, replete with multiple tweeters, super tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers. However, that does not mean you need to otherwise just resign yourself to a terrible sounding audio system.
Still, when not going for the best quality speakers, there is one area that often suffers more than most: bass. Because bass notes require a low frequency wavelength, the speaker membranes generally need to be large. Of course, that is not always the case.
That is why we have put together a list of the 10 best speakers for bass without a subwoofer. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can make the best decision about which speaker system is right for you.

Best car speakers for bass without subwoofer February 2019

  • Kicker Black OEM Replacement Marine 6.5″ 4 Ohm Coaxial speaker Bundle – 4 Speakers
  • Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2″ (165mm) two-way car audio component loudspeaker system
  • Alpine SPR-60C 6.5″ Car Audio Component System (Pair)
  • Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4″ component speaker system
  • Pioneer 5×7 / 6×8 Inch 4-Way 350 Watt Car Stereo Speakers Four
  • New Kenwood KFC-1795PS 6.75″ 330 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo
  • Pioneer TSD6802R 6 X 8 2-Way 260 Watt Speakers
  • Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers
  • Alpine Spr-50c 5.25-Inch 2 Way Pair of Component Car Speaker System
  • Kicker 40CS6934 6×9 inch 3-Way Speakers

Best car speakers for bass without subwoofer Comparison Table

Kicker Black OEM Replacement MarineCoaxial6.5 Inch509042.62Check Price
Infinity Reference 6500CXTwo-way car audio component loudspeaker system6.5 Inch909342 1/16″Check Price
Alpine SPR-60CComponent Speaker System6.5 Inch1108742.38Check Price
Infinity Kappa 60.11CSComponent Speaker System6.5 Inch909335-1/8″Check Price
Pioneer TS-A6886RFour Way Car Speakers6″ x 9″609142-3/8″Check Price
New Kenwood KFC-1795PSCoaxial6.75″808846-3/4″Check Price
Pioneer TSD6802RTwo Way Car Speakers6″ x 8″608842-3/4″Check Price
Kicker 40CS654Two Way Car Speakers6.5 Inch1009046-1/2″Check Price
Alpine Spr-50cTwo Way Car Speakers5.25 Inch1008742-1/4″Check Price
Kicker 40CS69343-Way Speakers6″ x 9″1509243-3/16″Check Price

Kicker Black OEM Replacement Marine 6.5″ 4 Ohm Coaxial speaker Bundle – Best Speaker Bundle

Kicker Black OEM Replacement Marine

Our first product comes from Kicker, a brand that is known for producing a quality product at a reasonable price. In this instance, the price is still reasonable for what you get, but what you get is not necessarily the most impressive setup available.
One of the best features of this product is the fact that you are purchasing four speakers at once. When looked at that way, you are essentially paying a little over $35 per speaker–which is the best deal on our list. Moreover, these speakers are less likely to require an amp due to decent sensitivity of 90 dB.Unfortunately, these speakers are also fairly unimpressive in terms of the sound produced. With only 50 RMS watts, they are tied for the weakest speakers on our list. Moreover, these speakers only sport ½” tweeters, so the highs will not be great either.


  • Comes with four different speakers in total
  • An acceptable sensitivity of 90 dB


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • One of the most expensive products on our list
  • Tied for the least powerful speakers with only 50 RMS watts
  • ½” tweeters are tied for the smallest on our list

Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2″ (165mm) two-way car audio component loudspeaker system – Best Component Speakers without an Amplifier


Infinity is known more of a mid-tier brand than anything else, and as such have a much smaller market than some of the other brands on our list. Essentially, you are paying for a product that will produce better than average sound quality, but it will also cost more than the average speaker set too.

This speaker system has a decent power output of 90 RMS watts that also combines with a great power consumption efficiency that provides a sensitivity of 93 dB. This means you will not need an amp to get good sound out of the system.However, because it is a component system, you will still need an amp to get the most out of it. Keep in mind, no amp will still produce good sound, but not the best this system can generate. Also, this speaker system’s soundscape is a bit truncated compared to other speakers on our list.


  • Fairly powerful with 90 RMS watts
  • Produces a better soundstage than coaxial speakers
  • Tied for the best sensitivity at 93 dB


  • A relatively expensive speaker set
  • Substandard soundscape of 53 Hz to 21 kHz
  • Require a better amplifier to get the most out of the system

Alpine SPR-60C 6.5″ Car Audio Component System – Best Component Speakers with an Amplifier


Alpine is a legacy brand that has developed a great reputation for producing some of the best audio equipment over the past half century. This product looks to continue that trend by providing some of the best component speakers available on our list.

First, this speaker set put out some of the highest power ratings at 110 RMS watts. Moreover, the Alpines also produce one of the broadest soundstages available out of any speaker set on our list.Unfortunately, the soundstage is not great all the way through. The tweeters that come with this speaker set will often sound tinny and harsh compared to some of the other tweeters on our list. This is likely due to the low sensitivity of 88 dB, which indicates you should run these speakers with an amplifier.Pros

  • Exceptionally powerful 110 RMS watts
  • Produces a better soundstage than coaxial speakers
  • Solid soundscape of 65 Hz to 29 kHz


  • The most expensive speakers set on our list
  • A low sensitivity of 88 dB
  • The tweeters produce a poor quality high

Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4″

This set of infinity speakers has a few features which set it apart from the others on our list, but it is this speaker’s versatility which truly stand out. While all of the other speakers on our list require that you run them through a 4 ohm system, these Infinity speakers offer the option of a 3 ohm system.


Moreover, these speakers are incredibly efficient, sporting a sensitivity of 90 dB. This allows your amp to get a great sound, and extends the lifespan on these speakers. Something that is only enhanced with solid, if unspectacular, 1” tweeters.Pros

  • Tied for the best sensitivity at 93 dB
  • Can run on a 3 or 4 ohm impedance system
  • 1” textile dome tweeter is pretty good


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • One of the most expensive speaker sets on our list

Pioneer 5×7 / 6×8 Inch 4-Way 350 Watt Car Stereo Speakers Four | TS-A6886R


Pioneer, like Alpine, is another legacy brand that has made a name for itself by producing top-quality audio equipment for decades. However, Pioneer is often seen as just a shade under Alpine and Kenwood.

Often this has to do with a preference to lean on overall quality, rather than stressing or highlighting any single, niche feature. In that vein, this Pioneer speaker system checks all of the boxes by being above average, but does not truly standout in any category.Unfortunately, this means that some people might find it difficult to justify the somewhat higher cost of this speaker system without a similarly better sound quality. Keep in mind, the sound quality is good in every area, but it is not great in any of them.


  • Decent power with 60 RMS watts
  • An acceptable sensitivity of 91 dB
  • One of the best soundscapes with 28 Hz to 39 kHz
  • 1 ⅛” tweeters is one of the largest on our list


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • A relatively expensive speaker set

New Kenwood KFC-1795PS 6.75″ 330 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo


Kenwood is our final legacy brand and generally has had one of the better reputations for high-end audio equipment. Unfortunately, that reputation has slid somewhat as their current design philosophy focuses on hitting certain benchmarks at the expense of a more complete product.

For instance, this speaker set is actually the most powerful on out list at 300 watts per pair / RMS: 250 per pair. That may not seem like such a big deal, but the Kenwoods are actually surprisingly inexpensive for producing all of that power as well.Unfortunately, Kenwood can keep the costs so low, because they are using paper membranes for their speaker systems. Paper is far less effective at generating a good soundscape–as noted by their narrow frequency range–and will require more power to get the same volume from other speakers–as noted by their fairly low sensitivity level.Pros

  • The most powerful speakers
  • Reasonably inexpensive speaker set


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • A low sensitivity of 88 dB
  • Membrane made from low quality materials

Pioneer TSD6802R 6 X 8 2-Way 260 Watt Speakers – Broadest Speaker Soundscape


Whereas the prior Pioneer sought to capture the most consumers by producing a big tent wherein the various features of sound quality were all checked off as being better than average, this speaker set uses an entirely different approach.

These Pioneer speakers are less interested in producing the best overall sound quality and instead focus on producing the best sound replication. As such, the frequency range of these speaker combined with the largest tweeters on our list allows more depth to the soundstage.However, this quality of sound comes at the expense of power. For one, these speakers have some of the lowest power ratings at 60 RMS watts, but worse, they are also not that sensitive at only 88 dB. Essentially, these speakers produce great sound, but at a lower volume and energy level.Pros

  • Relatively inexpensive speaker set
  • Best soundscape with 30 Hz to 32 Khz
  • 1 ⅛” tweeters is one of the largest on our list


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • A disappointing 60 RMS watts of power
  • A low sensitivity of 88 dB

Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers – Best Coaxial Speakers for Bass


Kicker first made their name in the 1990s by producing competition quality subwoofers at a reasonable price. As such, it should come as no surprise that the company is still able to produce excellent bass at a low cost.

This set of Kickers does just that by offering a speaker system that is both powerful and efficient. The 100 RMS watt usage is one of the highest on our list, but the 90 dB sensitivity ensures that the speakers use that energy wisely.However, the Kickers definitely err on the side of bass as they do not have a great soundscape to compliment the lows. For one, the frequency range is well below average with 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Moreover, the ½” dome tweeters will prevent the highs from standing out in any meaningful way.


  • Third most powerful speakers with 100 RMS watts
  • Second least expensive speaker set
  • An acceptable sensitivity of 90 dB


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • Poor soundscape with 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • ½” dome tweeters are on the small side

Alpine Spr-50c 5.25-Inch 2 Way Pair of Component Car Speaker System

Alpine Spr-50c 5.25

More often than not, if you are in the market for a coaxial woofer and tweeter pair, you generally are not as interested in plunking down an additional investment in an amplifier system. However, even with coaxial speakers, you generally need an amp to get the most out your speakers.
This is where these Alpine speakers come into play. These speakers are designed to run from your factory preamp without sacrificing their sound quality–something that is made even more impressive with a solid, if not amazing, power usage of 80 RMS watts.Unfortunately, much like the Kenwood that can maintain low costs while still providing a niche advantage over the other products on our list, this Alpine set is made from lower quality materials that cannot stand up to extended punishment at the highest of settings.Pros

  • Decent power with 100 RMS watts
  • A fairly inexpensive speaker set
  • Can run fine with a factory system and no amp


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • A low sensitivity of 87 dB
  • Poor quality materials shortens the product lifespan

Kicker 40CS6934 6×9 inch 3-Way Speakers


As mentioned prior, with Kicker’s inauspicious origins as a manufacturer of semi-professional grade products at consumer grade prices, it should not be surprising that the brand captures not only the best bass speakers on our list, but the best budget speakers on our list as well.
However, unlike the best bass speakers, these speakers are budget in the truest of sense. While they are not poor quality in terms of durability, they also do not produce the best sound quality–especially when compared to some of the other products on our list. These speakers have a narrow soundscape and are tied for the least powerful.However, these speakers are also the least expensive on our list which is made even more surprising, considering that they are constructed from better quality materials than other budget priced options. Moreover, these speakers will run at the peak performance without the need of an amplifier.


  • The least expensive speaker set
  • An acceptable sensitivity of 92 dB
  • Good quality materials extends the lifespan of the speakers


  • Does not produce as good of a soundstage as component systems
  • Poor soundscape with 30 Hz to 20 kHz

Best car speakers for bass without subwoofer – Buyer’s Guide:


Best Speaker Bundle

Speakers will always lag behind in terms of sheer power when it comes to bass. This is because bass is almost entirely determined on the size of the speaker’s membrane. Granted, the various qualities of the speaker come into play, but ultimately, too small a membrane will never be able to compete with a subwoofer.

Still, bass quality is not measured entirely by the maximum amount of thump. Except for a handful of genres, bass is often measured by the richness and purity of tone. In that regard, woofers can be more than capable of handling the job. Of course, even systems that do not thump but still produce a quality sound may require some additional push from an amplifier.

In fact, few speakers will be able to produce their best bass from the factory preamp alone. Keep in mind, this is not to suggest that you require an amplifier to get good sound or even a decent quality bass. However, it is incredibly unlikely that the factory preamp can produce a powerful enough signal to power speakers such that they thump the way bassheads truly want.


Best Component Speakers without an Amplifier

Whether or not to purchase an amplifier will really come down to your budget, the speakers you are powering, and how important to sound quality of your speaker system is to you. Keep in mind, you can quite often get away with a decent sounding system with just an improved speaker set and the factory preamp.

However, if you are an audiophile, it will be difficult to get the kind of sound quality you likely demand simply from the factory preamp. In that instance, you will almost certainly want to purchase an amplifier to take full advantage of your speaker’s capabilities.

Keep in mind, however, that not all speakers require an amplifier to get the most out of them. In fact, if a speaker system is not that powerful and exceptionally sensitive, chances are an expensive amplifier will not provide much advantage to the speakers over a factory preamp.


Sensitivity is best understood as a value that determines the speaker’s power efficiency. While this may sound like an ancillary factor, sensitivity can determine whether or not you need to purchase more hardware to get your speaker system producing the best sound quality it is capable of.

Essentially, the sensitivity of a speaker is how loud the speaker can get using a single watt of energy. The higher the sensitivity, the louder a speaker can get with one watt, the more efficient the speaker is, and this has far reaching implications when it comes to more than just additional hardware.

Speakers that are more efficient are far less likely to require the boosting of an amplifier. However, more efficient electronic components are also simply more durable. By not requiring as much power to function, speakers with higher sensitivities are able to save the wear and tear on their components.


It is fairly obvious to any consumer that audio equipment is often judged in terms of raw wattage power consumption. However, that is not necessarily as straight-forward a comparison as it may seem. For instance, there is a big difference between peak power and rms power.

Peak power represents the maximum wattage that the speaker can use at any given instant. However, speakers generally do not run at peak power for more than a second or two–often far less than that. Moreover, if speakers run continuously at peak power, they run the risk of damaging the components.

A more accurate assessment of speaker power performance is RMS wattage. This represents the average wattage level that the speaker will consume for most uses. If a speaker has a high peak wattage but a low RMS wattage, that speaker will actually play softer than a speaker with the reverse configuration.


Broadest Speaker Soundscape

Impedance often combines with sensitivity in determining how well your speakers can use the energy that is pushed into them. However, unlike sensitivity, impedance is not nearly as straight-forward as “higher is better.” In fact, a higher impedance will require more energy from the source signal to produce the same volume sound as a speaker with a lower impedance.
In effect, this can be seen as a slight efficiency standard, but it also has implications for the the speaker’s ability to produce volume and its longevity as well.

Essentially, the lower the impedance, the louder a speaker can get from the same amount of energy–keep in mind, this assumes both speakers have equal RMS wattage ratings as well as equal sensitivities. Of course, lower impedance speakers are dealing with more energy and will naturally wear down quicker.

One thing to keep in mind, whatever the impedance of your speakers, an amplifier’s impedance needs to match. If the different pieces of hardware do not match impedance ratings, then you are placing your equipment at risk of damage or outright failure.

Component vs Coaxial:

Best Coaxial Speakers for Bass

When it comes to the speaker’s form, you will have to choose between component and coaxial. These two types of speaker format differ in how they handle the tweeters primarily. For instance, coaxial speakers will have the tweeters added as part of the speaker system.

This allows the speakers to better control to the soundscape such that it will not seem like the highs and mids are vastly different in terms of their volume and quality. However, for a true audiophile, the coaxial setup will ultimately limit the ceiling of these speaker’s soundscape. They simply will not be able to produce the best sounding audio.

Component speakers, on the other hand, separate the tweeter and the woofer and require you to set them up individually. This has the advantage of producing a better audio quality from the speakers themself, but it also requires the user to be far more knowledgeable about acoustics.
For instance, the distance and angle of the tweeters from the listener compared to the distance and angle of the woofers from the listener will impact whether or not the highs sound comparable to the mids and lows. If the user is not prepared for this type of adjustment installation, they should probably stick with coaxial.


Unfortunately, there is no set of speakers that will be able to do all things perfectly. You will have to pick an choose which features are the most important to you. Keep in mind, just because this list is bass focused does not mean you should just ignore the other qualities of sound.

For example, if you are looking for a set of speakers that can produce decent quality bass while still managing to produce a great mid and high quality sound as well, we recommend that you look at the Pioneer TS-D6802R. With a broad soundscape and large tweeters, your entire audio collection will thank you.

However, if you are looking for the most thump for your buck, Kicker is probably the only game in town. While the Kicker 40CS654 may produce the best bass, you will need to keep replacing them–and often. Of course, if you are looking for a great deal, the Kicker DS65 are inexpensive and durable–though not the best sounding.

Car speakers buying guide

If you are often on the road with the car for your job then you will certainly listen to the radio to keep you from getting bored. Of course you can also play your own music via MP3 or USB but you also need a good car speakers offer to enjoy an excellent sound. To buy the best car speakers you have to take into account some points such as installation or build-up, type of speaker, power, impedance and price.

Installation or construction?

You can buy build-on speakers that are easy to install. You just have to attach them to a surface and connect so that you can enjoy a good sound.

Another option is to purchase built-in speakers. Most buyers opt for this type of speakers because they are nicely mounted in the interior of your car so that it seems or is part of the whole. It is a recommendation to have built-in speakers installed by an expert.

You can also install them yourself, but that is quite a job. You will usually have to drill and saw in your car to create the holes for the speakers. The cabling of your radio you also have to lead to the back of your car because usually the speakers are built into the parcel shelf.

Sometimes a car already has built-in areas that are intended to build in speakers. In this case it is important to take the dimensions of the installation spaces so that you can buy the right car speakers. Once you have the correct dimensions you can compare different models with these dimensions.

Speaker Type

To achieve good sound quality, it is necessary that a loudspeaker can display a high number of frequencies. You need a wide range of both high and low tones. However, a loudspeaker is not capable of reproducing all frequencies. To solve this, several speakers are usually used in a cabinet.

A filter ensures that the signal is split so that the different frequencies are reproduced by different speakers. To give an example: a two-way loudspeaker has one filter. However, this product can have more than two speakers. The filter or filters determines whether a loudspeaker works according to a two-way or three-way system.

Usually a three-way loudspeaker is better than a two-way route, but there are also exceptions. A two-way speaker is part of the cheap car speakers so if you are looking for offers then this system is perfect for you.

Power and impedance

The power is actually not the correct term. An amplifier has a power but a loudspeaker has a load capacity. When purchasing speakers you will get a recommendation for the power of the amplifier. You better buy a powerful amplifier. An amplifier with too little power is less resistant to distortions of the high tones. This can cause damage to the amplifier or speakers.

The impedance is the resistance of the speaker. Most speakers have a 4 Ohm resistor, the output of the amplifier has the same value so that you can safely connect the speakers. Make sure that the amplifier has a high impedance so that you can connect an extra set of speakers. If the resistance of the amplifier is lower than the resistance of the speakers, this can cause damage.

Price of the speakers

Buying a good set of loudspeakers can cost you quite a bit of money. It depends on the quality of the speakers. You can also opt for loudspeakers with a specific design or with colored LED lighting. That way you can enjoy atmospheric lighting when you are on the road in the evening or at night.

The price is the most important factor for almost all persons. You have a limited budget and you can not buy loudspeakers that cost more than your budget. Buying loudspeakers in a store has certain advantages. So you can usually test them in the store to immediately check the sound quality. You can also check the size of the speakers in person. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to find a promotion in a store outside the bargain period.

Another option is to buy the speakers online via a web store. You can not test the speakers but you do not have to move. You can immediately compare different models from your chair. The product is also delivered at home but you have to be patient for a few days.

Car Speaker Reviews – Top 5

For people who like to listen to music in the car because they have to make long journeys, good car speakers are indispensable. Choose a set without a subwoofer and clear sound. We have researched five different top products and put them together, decide for yourself which car speakers are the best.

Recommended products


Best Car Speakers for Bass without Subwoofer

The JVC CS-V618 car speakers have a maximum output of 230 watts. So you can enjoy your music at a high volume.

These speakers have a sound pressure of 88 dB / Wm and they have to be mounted in the car. The installation depth is 43.5 mm. These speakers have the lowest price compared to the other products in our article and thus certainly belong to the category of cheap car speakers.

There is no negative review online for this car speakers offer. The buyers are satisfied with the good quality of the speakers and also about the competitive price they pay for it. The quality of the sound is great.

When you are regularly on the job for work, good music can really be pleasant. To be able to enjoy your favorite songs as well as possible, a decent car speaker can be a good recommendation. With the JVC car loudspeaker you get a solid device according to many buyers.


Cost: in comparison with the other 4 devices from this selection, you will notice that this car loudspeaker has the lowest price. That would make it just one of the most popular devices.

Power: with this car loudspeaker you can count on a powerful power of no less than 230 watts.


Vulnerable: according to a small minority of users, this car loudspeaker would still be pretty fragile and go quite fast.

Check Price on Amazon


The JBL GTO939 car speakers have dimensions of 22.5 x 15 cm. They are three-way speakers with a maximum power of 300 watts. They have adjustable level tweeters and are easy to install. They are durable speakers with a sensitivity of 93 dB. These speakers are designed to produce the best possible sound.

About this product there are only two reviews written but these give a mostly good advice. You have to tinker to adjust the sound to your liking, but then they sound great. The buyers are also very satisfied with the delivery and the price-quality ratio is optimal.

You can adjust the treble of your car sound a bit because otherwise the sound may sound too sharp out of the speakers.

Of course it is always a possibility to choose the JBL GTO939 car loudspeaker. This model measures no less than 22.5 x 15 cm and fits perfectly in any car. In comparison with the previous device, this loudspeaker has a wide capacity of up to 300 watts.


Durable: the speakers are particularly durable according to different buyers. The sensitivity of these speakers can be situated around 93 dB.

Value for money: compared to other car loudspeakers, you get a lot of quality for this product at a good price. The buyers currently also fully agree with this.

Handy in use: these car speakers are extremely fast and easy to install. And that is a big plus for many people.


Sound: according to a single buyer, the sound can sometimes sound rather loud and sharp. For this it is advisable to slightly adjust the treble of your existing car radio.

Check Price on Amazon

Pioneer TS-G1033i

Best Car Speakers for Bass without Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-G1033i car speakers have a diameter of 10 cm. They are three-way speakers so you can enjoy a balanced representation of the low, high and mid-tones.

They have an installation depth of 43 mm and are equipped with a filter to protect them from dust and dirt.

They have a total power of 310 watts and a sensitivity of 84 dB. You can find them under the heading of cheap car speakers thanks to the low price at which they are offered.

About this product there is currently only one review online. However, the user is completely positive about the purchase of these speakers. The sound is excellent and the delivery was very fast. For this buyer this car speakers offer is highly recommended.

In the world of car speakers you will also often see the Pioneer brand coming back. Pioneer is for many users therefore one of the better if not the best brand. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at the strong and weak points of this device.


Three-way speakers: you will immediately notice that these are powerful three-way speakers. This means that both the low and high and midtones will be particularly clear and clear.

Internal filter: the speakers are equipped with a built-in filter. In this way the device remains protected as far as possible against dirt and other dust particles.

Power: with a maximum power of over 310 watts you can count on a powerful device that produces clear and clear tones.


Currently we can not detect negative online reviews. This makes it a lot harder for us to discover any downsides and give you advice on this.

Check Price on Amazon

Focal ISC690

These 2-way coaxial loudspeakers from Focal have a size of 6 x 9 inch or 165 x 237 mm. They have a frequency range of 55 Hz – 20 kHz and a high sensitivity of 93.6 dB. So you can fully enjoy your favorite music at a high volume.

The peak power of these speakers is 160 watts and they have a built-in depth of 77.5 mm. They are perfect to replace the default built-in car speakers and thus enjoy better sound.

Here too, only one opinion has been written by a user, but this is completely satisfied with this top product. The sound is perfect and the device has an excellent relationship between price and quality. The buyer is also very satisfied with the incredibly fast delivery of the product.

Of course it is also possible to opt for the Focal ISC690 car loudspeaker. This set consists of 2 separate loudspeakers each measuring 165 x 237 mm. With these car speakers you will be able to enjoy your favorite songs without any problems while you are in a traffic jam for example.


Frequency and sensitivity: the frequency range of this device is between 55 Hz and 20 kHz. In addition, you can count on a particularly high sensitivity of no less than 93.6 dB. In this way you can enjoy very clear and clear music.

Price-quality ratio: according to the user, the device offers excellent quality and all at an acceptable price.

Handy in use: these car speakers are so powerful and powerful that they can perfectly replace your normal standard car stereo.


Here too we can only notice a satisfied reaction. Obviously it is therefore not so easy for us to look for any minuses that are connected to the product.

Check Price on Amazon

Pioneer TS-1301i

The Pioneer TS-1301i car loudspeakers of 13 cm have a maximum power of 130 watts. Use them to replace the basic speakers in your car and upgrade to higher sound quality. They are custom-fit speakers and they have a connection for direct access.

These speakers are easy to install, you do not need extra adapters or modifications. They are also equipped with an IMPP (Injection-Molded Polypropylene) conu that delivers high performance to complement your sound with excellent bass sounds. The sensitivity of the speakers is 90 dB and thanks to the low price this product is part of the cheap car speakers.

The buyers of this car speakers offer gives good advice on this product. The boxes are of good quality and are also durable so you can enjoy them for a long time. They are inexpensive loudspeakers that were delivered on time and are easy to install.

Just like one of the previous devices, this car loudspeaker is also part of the well-known and highly regarded brand Pioneer. At the time of purchase you will notice that the set consists of 2 powerful loudspeakers, each with a power of 130 watts. That way you can opt to replace your standard car stereo through these speakers.


Installation: you do not have to worry because the loudspeakers do not require additional adapters or other attachments. So you can simply install the device quickly and easily.

IMPP conu: thanks to the IMPP conu (Injection-Molded Polypropylene) you will be able to enjoy a particularly clear and clear bass sound.

Budget: you will also be pleasantly surprised by the price tag of these car speakers.


1 review: at the moment there is only one assessment that is completely positive. Some buyers prefer some more reviews that they can rely on.

Check price on Amazon

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