Best 4 Channel Amp for Mids and Highs

best 4 channel amp for mids and highs

Im doing a review slash unboxing because I’ve already gotten one of these my hair is getting fluffed up already so I’m just going to say fuck it not even trying to keep it looking nice today but got another box here from down for sound shop calm that is the company that Jonathan Pryce owns JP from the life of price the car audio YouTube channel is I’m sure a lot of you watching this video know of only ordered another scar audio mids and highs anthe 150 RP it’s like the RP 150 point for at two ohm’s Best 4 Channel Amp for Mids and Highs hundred you watch port per for channels no no forums that’s what it is at 2 ohms it is 250 watts RMS per for channels that’s what we ended up getting we already have one in the car now and you guys saw that video when I did the initial unboxing also is going to be the review of it you know since

I’ve already had plenty of time to mess with it and use it for my setup already and then yet this is going to be how I’m going to end up running it is one of these is going to be to the left side of the car once for the right side of the car and I’ll be running like 12 speakers and total off of two of these and I believe something like that nothing too crazy but that’s that’s not bad for such a little fucking car like mine so anyway we got a bunch of custom packing shit the nice and simple we just got the scar audio box right here we had that packing material in there the scar audio box nothing else in the box up in special oh shit I just fucking knocked over some drinks thankfully this box does it have like 10 rolls of tape on it but most of them end up having now we have a this is interesting we have the spar audio box you know looks just like the end pretty much honestly I mean it even has all the fucking shit on the side that’s pretty cool out the nice little plush but it’s yet another exhaust inside of a box and it’s going to fucking take that we’re going to throw it this walkthrough we’re not going to use the fucking next open this one up what we’re going to be a little bit more careful to the amp should be right in here yep here we go oh this one came with some allen keys that’s pretty pretty nice I like keeping those allen keys because

best 4 channel amp for mids and highs

I’m only fucking dropping mine under the hoods of cars into the fucking engine bay especially my three mils and I’m pretty sure the bigger one in here is a three millimeter and I fucking lose like one a week but either way we have the scar audio RP 150 point 4000 watt RMS a good CV RP 150 by four Class A B amplifier maybe I’ll do a video going through the different classes of amplifiers I’m sure a lot of you probably don’t understand I get a lot of questions about it at work some customers so maybe I’ll make a video going over that but now that we got the amp I we’re going to actually start on the backside of the end kind of a very nice fan here for some cooling other ventilation holes right here may eat things along the entire side of the amplifier on both sides helps dissipate heat the amp that I have in there right now doesn’t get hot whatsoever

what’s up guys just got the mids and highs in for work truck 2.0 as you can see got them in a rush I got a show next weekend so anyway today here is my back on today and I’m gonna go ahead bless this box up and any guesses on what you think shout out to Andrew grab this real quick give you a little peek in here Oh little lamb / audio going on alright yeah that’s another sticker to add to the collection down there alright so we got a one box right here I’m gonna set this back over here so you got some what was in the box 150 point for a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be honestly did we have set of audio components okay as you can see we have funny how they’re all similarly box like there’s they’re just meant to be together alright let me check to make sure you can see this in big picture alright you just see my makeshift look at my tripod huh what’s a box with stacked up its gonna use my good camera but needs to be a little bit lower okay perfect alright so you open these up show you what they look like before we get started I am your number one source for answer audio and tons of other things but be sure to check them out on my website so this is the pamper audio 150 point four I think it sells for like 20 bucks or something like that on down with John Shaw huh so be sure to alright let’s bust thi

s thing open and see what it looks like so it slid in their major career everything I’ve seen I know it Andrew Bailey the owner of ampere Audio personally am only for a long time a really great guy you want to deal with any types of bullcrap everything that he has is high quality as you can see this amplifier looked very nice very small footprint I was expecting honestly like double this foot planner so I mean you could fit this powerhouse and almost anywhere any type of I mean you could go from boats to razors to cars golf carts whatever you can think of it’s a very nice ant to put power on these myths then I’m going to be running in the word truck see if I can this is the owner’s manual for it so here’s the output let’s see if I can get it focused on locally all right output as you can see right here it’ll focus anyway continuous power output 14.4 which I’m running plenty of power in the work trucks all easily to be seeing this power 4 ohm stereo 150 by 4 I mean if I really want to get some power out of it it’ll do if I ran two ohms if I change up the vocals in the future we’ll be able to get to 25 by 4 which is very stout anyway so I hate when they put dimensions and really majors don’t know how to convert it without ever so I mean but it looks about like maybe twelve maybe let’s go with ten inches long by six inches wide and a not an inch and a half deep maybe two inches deep but very nice so I grabbed this again down here it’s got the Tiffany style a little bit of Tiffany style connectors along with all the crossover Network down here looking very nice and go full pass low pass High Pass all that good stuff down here it looks like we got four gauge inputs and then why does it go to your speakers but anyway so that’s a little tour of that real quick and scoot it off to the side and busted the one of these oh it also comes with an ellipsis so you’re able to do the install if you don’t have any tools like I didn’t okay so these are the ampere audio this is an emperor audio components let’s see thank you for purchasing an Amber audio dream series speaker system features a 25 millimeter silk don’t tweeter there resides in a hardened plastic housin

g the six and a half inch mid-range also features a single roll surround and eliminates unwanted residences acoustical artifacts and dampens mechanical vibrations the tweeter and mid-range have been specifically engineered with complex FBA analysis that perfectly optimize the motor structures Engineering a great tweeter and mid-range is not enough to guarantee excellent sound quality so we did a touch of SQ dust the overall result is a smooth linear musical output with excellence spectral clarity without delivering overly bright or fatiguing high frequencies commonly found in most cláudio component system

s the dream series speaker system provides a dynamic range and a life like musical realism and would please just about any audio file so these are rated at yeah peak power handling which is 150 watts RMS power handling is 150 watts so we’ll be running at least rms power on them maybe a little bit more anyway so this will be the this is a little overview of the dream series it comes it comes with two grills for each set obviously all right so let me just turn this upside down variable on to be really this first pull all this out move over to the side alright I get the crossover all right all right cool so he comes this is the hamper audio dream series obviously here’s the other on

e right here but it has a unique basket I mean it’s probably been used before sometime in the history of car audio but this is pretty unique for this day and age right now if I don’t know of anybody else using it so it’s pretty unique I got nice little push cameras right here pretty sturdy not any flakes or anything on those so very nice open design back here so it means you can get plenty of cooling back there you’re not really and why can you don’t really need much cooling low mids and highs and unless you’re really melting them out of the door anyway so we got the I can’t remember the name of this thing facing the weight face I can’t remember been told so many times anyway it helps with sound quality and to afford to sound its best okay so here’s everything it comes with else over here don’t know okay anyway this is everything it comes with sorry I wasn’t able to tell you what this thing is I want to say it’s a phase plug it helps direct this sound better cuz with all your crossover tweeter this is don’t we tur which is it’s new to me because I always use another thing is I’m happy too sometimes I do videos I have like brain court so think of words that are supposed to these things are supposed to be called it was it’d be good for people to laugh at me anyway when I usually use what is it usually I came on top I have the FT one super tweeters and they’re they’re like they’re a lot louder and brighter but they intend to get really harsh like they’re that if they call it harsh or whatever but anyway with this it’s gonna give you a more smooth sound and they’re not made to get insanely loud like the super tweeters are and for audio people doing pro audio time is and then pro audio tweeters are super tweeters so this will be a really good clean sound coming out of these anyway so that’s what that’s what we’re gonna be running in the work truck one ampere audio 150 point four right here and two sets of amber audio dream series components right here so it should sound very good that’s gonna be the update on the components and are the vocals in vocals in the workshop so like I told you yesterday or earlier in this video depends on how I put it together I ran out of time I’m trying to try and take my truck to that show in Phoenix next weekend so I have taken it to a shop here in Vegas to do this so I’m actually about to put these back in the boxes and run it over there so I can get this stuff installed anyway just wanted to give you a little update on what I’m running in there and yeah I’ll be it peace guys

I’ve never had an issue with it overheating or getting too hot even over the summer months you know Chuck in August right now here in New York it it does hit 85 90 degrees regularly while I’m playing my system hard and I haven’t had any bit of an issue so right over here as you can see we have our four RCA input we have our gain high pass low pass our crossover settings and what’s this one I can’t can read it we have our base EQ which how I have mine set up I would pretty much recommend having your game turned up you know to match the output of your head unit as well as to nobble your speaker’s high-pass frequency it all depends if you’re going to be using it depending on the tweeters you know most tweeters have a base blocker on them and if they don’t you can usually buy one to one attach in line with the positive lead which is what I would have done but these sound cues are you have a base blocker capacitor on there so you really only have to worry about low paths you’re running it for your meds

best 4 channel amp for mids and highs

I’d recommend setting your little patch to maybe like 50 Hertz no like 60 Hertz and then your high pass to whatever you know it’s not that complicated and just really fuck with it until it sounds good make sure you’re not sending bass to your tweeters your tweeter shouldn’t play anything under like eight hundred a thousand Hertz it really shouldn’t done other than that yet we just have our four gauge for gauge inputs right here or remote and then all of our speaker terminals I mean that’s really it it’s a great amplifier puts on some great sound has a lot of power and a relatively small size you know it’s I don’t know what is probably like 18 inches long maybe 8 inches 10 inches wide so you know like I said I mean there’s not really much to it it’s an amplifier review I don’t have a dyno here but you guys saw the original unboxing video and everything is pretty simple I’m just more or less giving you guys my thoughts on it and opinions really when it comes to an amplifier as long as you’re setting your gain high pass and low pass frequency correctly then you really shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever your high-pass you want set to 800 Hertz so it doesn’t play anything below that your low-pass – Best 4 Channel Amp for Mids and Highs like 80 Hertz that really should be just about it then you can always change your crossover frequency at the high pass or low pass or full pass depending on what you’re trying to do with it I’m pretty sure I just left mine on full so I get that full range of sound there and I haven’t had any issues with it yeah I mean that’s really a guys definitely hope you guys did enjoy is always please be sure to LIKE comment subscribe and all that cool shit you guys do for rehearing YouTube is shit and I’m out peace guys I hope you enjoyed it oh fuck I mean Rob I’m not cheating here I’m Rob here Cheetos on my fucking gaming channel so if you guys want to go sub to that as well it’s bizarre cheetah bzrk cheetah go hit that shit up guys.

hey what’s up guys today’s Q&A is about what amplifier should I choose alright guys so like we said what amp should I choose a little bit more than that it’s a little bit about power consumption as well too so we’re going to be kind of just tied into what amp should I choose I’m going to read the questions from Eric and Facebook what apply of channel amplifier draw less power than a separate four channel on a mono block I’m planning on a low power system with 4 speakers in a single 10 inch woofer from my trailblazer I really don’t want to upgrade any of the factory wiring I was looking at a 5 channel for a cleaner simpler install I’m looking at the precision power PPI 905 do the 5 channel trust me on that one do the 5 job you’re just looking for a simple clean setup that’s what you’re explaining here is 4 speakers in a 10 inch will for an aftermarket deck more than likely that’s me the best way to go for efficiency as well as ease of installation you can nine wire the system right to your 5 channel that way you’re not utilizing or having to run aftermarket speaker wire that would be my opinion yeah I completely agree amido I’ll have to just stick with the

PPI 5 channel there’s plenty other ones out there there’s a Rockford 5 channels there’s in the X 5 channel there’s a JL Audio 5 channel so look at whatever one probably suits your needs for what other equipment you’re choosing but when it really boils down to what’s going to draw more or less to 7 or amps or one it’s really going to depend on the architecture of the amp fire is it a Class A B amplifier is it a full range Class D because those are two very big different architectures when it comes to amplifier so a Class A B amplifier isn’t going to be nowhere near as efficient as some of the full range Class D amplifiers that are out there plus i2 plus also the size would be something to consider as well so if it was me I would probably stick with what Brendan said and go with a 5 channel amp that’s what we usually recommend with most of our customers come in and they’re looking for a really nice simple upgrade where they just want to replace the speakers at a single 10 or a 12 and a 5-channel amp is perfect for that because most 5 channel amp typically are 75 for 75 by 4 and about four to five hundred watts on the fifth channel so that’s usually plenty for any decent set of speakers and any decent look for that’s out there yeah definitely and less

power consumption depending on the amount of power that you are looking around if you’re going to do two separate yeah if you do two separate amps and you need a dewlap wiring kit or if you buy everything all the qartheen you need distribution blocks and all that you’re better off just buying the five channel call it a day and I personally think that that’s what I would do if you’re kind of describing exactly what you kind of have planned here but other than that I don’t really have any more to add to it make sure you subscribe I do really like your question it’s one of the ones that I come across that I think most people would benefit from thing a lot of people go way overboard if you’re buying an inexpensive 75 by 4 amplifier and a 500 watt mono why are you causing yourself more of a headache to install two amplifiers when you can get the same exact amount of power in one chassis exactly and it’s going to be a much easier and cleaner install for the average person yep so stick with that keep the questions coming like the thumbs up a button there because you know that’s what we like to see when we take our time out of her day to make these videos and help you out and we’ll talk to you next time see you

wikidot such ezvid wiki before you decide easy-fit presents the 10 best car amplifiers let’s get started with the list starting of our list at number 10 the Rockford Fosgate punch uses capacitor driven boosted round technology does engineered to overcome a vehicle’s inherent acoustic floors plus is small enough to fit almost anywhere which breaks installation just a much easier it meets or exceeds its claimed ratings and there’s an exceptionally durable build however it is more expensive than the competition at number 9 top quality sound can fit into any budget with the Pioneer GMT ad604 this one Peaks out at 1,200 watts across four outputs and on top of its class the efficiency and employs proprietary distortion filters to ensure pristine and accurate audio the impedance is variable from 1 to 8 ohms and it’s an incredible value for the cost but it’s not the most reliable choice coming in at number 8 on our list that digitally controlled JBL MSA 5001 allows listeners to coax the most lush and intricate low-end from their subs with onboard controls and / channel management it’s rated at 500 watts but real-world testing indicates that is even more powerful than that it boasts a remarkably small footprint and is made for dedicated audio files however it is somewhat costly for one channel our newest choices can only be seen at wiki dot go there now and search for car amplifiers or simply click beneath this video at number 7 boasting big sound in a small package the sound ordnance m75 provides remarkable fidelity high pass low pass filters and switchable crossovers now the surprisingly low cost it’s popular among hatchbacks thanks to 160 watt rms rating when bridged it’s equipped with an onboard 12 decibel bass equalizer and is great with two speakers on a sub but it must be wired using stereo preamps moving up our list at number 6 pressure of a showcase at CES 2018 the Sony XM gs6 DSP is intended for use in luxury autos with a professional level build quality as well as in-depth innovative DSP control it’s crafted using truly top of the line components which is reflected in the cost it supports up to six speakers and is capable of direct Bluetooth playback however it has a relatively low 4 ohm RMS writing off-ramp our list at number five the Blanc EMP 15:04 offers incredible floor range clarity for a 2 3 or 4 channel setup while it’s a bit larg

er than many advanced options it’s a B classification helped to balance low distortion and safe operating temperatures ensuring long-term reliability it’s 150 watts of RMS will power almost anything its high-end gear at an amazing price but it does like a single ohm subwoofer outlet at number four if your goal is to rattle windows and set off alarms look no further than the Rockford Fosgate r500 x1d a goatee favorite for bass heads everywhere this class deep our blood pumps out at least 500 watts at 2 ohms enough to move even the thickest cones it features a 20 years minimum frequency response and a built-in 18 decibel punch EQ boost it’s smaller and cooler than most to nearing the top of our list at number three the Alpine power pack is compact enough to mount underneath the dashboard and gives any vehicle the extra boost it needs to make full use of the stock

hardware if you only want to juice up two speakers its crossover function lets you do so with double the power it puts out 45 watts per channel now this good for factory or aftermarket setups it doesn’t need a dedicated circuit our newest choices can only be seen at wiki dot go there now and search for car amplifiers or simply click beneath this video at number two the Blanc gta4 70 would make an ideal addition to an audiophile level set up it’s customizable digital signal processor allows for the fine-tuning of settings like active crossovers and subsonic filters in order to maximize the listening experience it boasts high-quality German craftsmanship and operates at 2 or 4 ohms it’s high file do at a reasonable price and coming in at number 1 on our list the versatility of the pioneer GM digital makes it the perfect backbone for a freshly overhauled system one hundred watts of continuous power allocated to each of the full range channels with 600 Watts left over to accommodate a larger than average subwoofer it offers a free channel operation by crossover a rock-solid to own capability a low-pass filter and a bass boost our newest choices can only be seen at wiki go there now and search for car amplifiers or simply click of an 8 this video [Music]

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