Best 12 Inch Subwoofer for Small Enclosure.

Best 12 Inch Subwoofer for Small Enclosure
Best 12 Inch Subwoofer for Small Enclosure

Many people hand over on attempting to urge the bass they crave in their automobile system as a result of they lack enough space to place a lifesize subwoofer in their vehicle. The unhappy issue is that sure doesn’t need to be the case. though you will not be able to get a lifesize subwoofer in an exceedingly space-challenged vehicle there’s a compromise you’ll be able to build. That’s within the kind of a space-saving subwoofer known as as a shallow mount subwoofer. These house saving subwoofers won’t shatter your automobile windows with bass however they’re going to undoubtedly provide you with some deep, wealthy bass beats more to your music.

Maybe you don’t recognize wherever to appear for a shallow subwoofer for your car? Well, we tend to square measure here to assist you discover the most effective shallow mount subwoofers cash can purchase. during this article, we’ll do many shallow mount subwoofer reviews that embody the foremost standard shallow subwoofers within the automobile audio marketplace.

We have twelve of the best shallow mount subwoofers on the market and when reading our reviews, we have a tendency to area unit certain that you just can realize the simplest one for your automobile, truck or sports automobile.

  1. urban center FOSGATE P3SD2-8 SHALLOW MOUNT automobile SUBWOOFER
    As usual urban center Fosgate takes a product plan and makes it higher with these twin 8” shallow mount subwoofers. For a subwoofer that’s supposed to be utilized in an area saving state of affairs they still deliver some extremely nice and well-defined bass tones to your car’s sound system.
    With these subwoofers urban center Fosgate takes the that means of the words ‘shallow mount’ terribly seriously. These subwoofers solely recess into your car’s interior or trunk solely a pair of.66”. which means they will be simply mounted in exactly concerning any automobile, pickup, SUV or maybe during a boat. Mounting it’s additionally created easier by the very fact that it shrouded at the highest of it with a flex work basket.

This shallow mount subwoofer can thump pretty much once you feed it its suggested a hundred and fifty RMS watts of power. it’s an outsized 38-250 cycles/second low frequency response rate and anodized atomic number 13 twin 2-Ohm voice coils.


150 watt RMS power/300 watt peak power
Anodized atomic number 13 twin 2-Ohm voice coils
38-250 cycles/second low frequency response rate
Recess in just a pair of.66”
Weighs solely eight.8 lbs.
Flex work basket for simple installation

12V outlet seats terribly near the speaker gap
Grill is purchased individually

    Here may be a bit wider size shallow mount subwoofer from footballer. it’ll have your seat moving nicely if you wire up properly to match your current automotive system. Having some smart made, deep bass not initiating of your car’s system undoubtedly enhances your vehicle’s music listening expertise.
    This is a rare high performance subwoofer despite the actual fact that it’s solely a four 3/8” thorough. which means you’ll be presumably to mount it simply in your rear dashboard, trunk or maybe during a wider door panel in your vehicle. It options four hundred watt RMS power during a single 4-ohm voice coil setup.

It will facilitate reproduce some terribly low frequency sounds too due to its wider 25-350 cycle low frequency response rate. Among its alternative nice options area unit its injection wrought SoloKon cone and therefore the truth it’s firmly supported by a durable steel basket.


400 watt RMS power/800 watt peak power
Single 4-Ohm voice coil
25-350 cycle low frequency response rate
4 3/8” recess
Injection wrought SoloKon cone
Sturdy steel basket

You will must create a ventilated box for it
Instructions area unit generic for many models
Check the most recent worth on Amazon!

    Pioneer may be a terribly sturdy name once it involves automotive stereo parts and this shallow recess subwoofer from them doesn’t hurt that solid name the least bit. it’s a good house saving style nonetheless still provides you with some low frequency bass beats which will have you ever bouncing up and down you as your drive down the road taking note of your automotive stereo.
    This pioneer house saving subwoofer includes a suggested RMS power issue of four hundred watts and a1500 watt peak power rating. it’s such style options as one 4-Ohm voice coil associate degreed an injection wrought SoloKon cone. This subwoofers nice 25-350 cycle low frequency response rate is nice for manufacturing a large choice of deep, made bass tones.

Best of all, despite the actual fact it puts out some nice bass tones it still solely wants a three 3/8” house to recess it in. which means you ought to be able to notice space for it even the foremost space-challenged vehicle. Its durable steel basket can facilitate keep it firmly in situ once you’ve got put in it too.


400 watt RMS power/1500 watt peak power
Single 4-Ohm voice coil
25-350 cycle low frequency response rate
3 three/8” recess
Injection wrought SoloKon cone
Sturdy steel basket

Slightly serious at fourteen.1 pounds
Short one –year assurance

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